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We are retailers of high quality local produce, artisan Italian and an increasing amount of French and Spanish goods.

Our aim is to develop excellent relationships with the best producers in order to offer the customer great food and value for money.

We believe that flexibility in today's society is vital-to have the choice between spending £1 or £10 on your dinner-between spending 5 minutes or 5 hours at the stove. Our range of ingredients enables you to do just that.

For those that want to find products that have passed the test of time, our shelves are stacked with them.

Artisan Bakery

Traditional, long fermentation, natural ingredients and production by hand make our bread unique. Our baker has been with us since 1994 and has developed his traditional bread making skills along with a huge passion for baking. 24 hour fermentation gives the natural glutens in the dough time to break down and a chance for the flavour of the wheat to shine. This makes for a better crust, crumb, and flavour, along with an easily digestible loaf. There are no flour improvers, artificial additives or preservatives in our bread production.

As well as a selection of overnight and flavoured breads, you can also expect to find bagels, rolls, focaccia, ciabatta, sausage rolls and pizza all baked daily on the premises.